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Ronald McDonald House Chicago Donor Wall: Telephone Booth

Electronic communication among human beings has become extremely simple. Gone are the days of switchboard operators, rotary dials, and roadside telephone booths. The need for number memorization, manual dexterity, and a pocket full of change are archaic concepts only the oldest of us can recollect.

80 unique doors will be showcased on two gallery walls in the main public area of the Ronald McDonald House being built in the heart of downtown Chicago near Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. The doors are meant to symbolize the philosophy that ” The doors of Ronald McDonald House are always open for you.”  To learn more click on the following links:

Materials used: 

  • Earthenware ceramic with low fire glaze

Color notes are prepared before painting on the low fire glaze.

Glaze colors are carefully picked and painted on in multiple coats.

Clear coat is sprayed on as the last glaze step before the final firing in the kiln.


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