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Hallmark Artist, Maura Cluthe, creates Giant Robot.

Maura Cluthe, is one happy go lucky smiley illustrator who knows her robots inside and out. She is not the off the grocery shelf, Betty Crocker type artist. No, she invents everything from scratch. If you ever get to meet her and you witness a momentary blank stare, rest assured, she is not about to have a seizure. She is more then likely dropping into a robotic time warp where by her noggin gears start firing synapses brain sparks. This action typically concludes with an idea kaboom that is heard far and wide.

You never know what will be creatively born from moments like those. All you need to know is that it is a total intergalactic phenomenon known far and wide as Maura’s imagination. Her world is a charming habitat filled to the brim with squiggly lines that morph into really cool fragmented things that simply make you laugh and think.

The Biggest Robot to date for Maura is a 11-foot blinking and grinning android, known as KBOT. HE-SHE-IT lives in the land of our purple hallways at Kaleidoscope. And, contrary to popular belief, is not made of sugar and spice, but 100 lbs of plywood, nails, screws, diodes and LED’s that were chopped, hammered and fused into shape. When all the electronic dust settled, Maura invited her legendary crew of brushes and markers to doodle all over the creature in a flurry of well rehearsed moves that ended in what you see below.

 Above video reveals behind the scenes making of a KBOT. Video was created by Henry Bergin.

Fabrication of KBOT was created, one gear part at a time, in Kaleidoscope’s wood shop.

After construction was completed, KBOT was moved piece by piece to Kaleidoscope’s hallway. Parent volunteers, working in Kaleidoscope’s studio, can store their personal belongings on one of the robots cargo shelves.

Maura and her brushes working their magic one paint blob and line doodle at a time.

Hallmark artist, Maura Cluthe, stands confidently in front of her 11- foot blinking and grinning android, known as KBOT.

If you are interested in how the final image was shot, visit: to see a lighting set up diagram. 

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